Balwyn North

1132 Burke Rd, Balwyn North VIC

Phone: (03) 98596330


This well known massage will enable you to feel relief from all tension and stress. By applying mourishing cream using the whole hand (palm and fingers) with slow, rhythmic, gliding strokes into the muscle and soft tissue. It focuses on the direction of blood flow, towards the heart.
An ancient massage technique, handed down through the centuries and based upon the application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, along with gentle stretching that stimulates flow and eases muscle tension without the use of oils. A Thai massage outfit is provided for comfort.
This massage is used to treat strains, bruising or any other injuries where the skin is intact. The technique used will increase the flow of blood and lymph around the body, particularly around the injured areas to enable improved healing.
A blend of essential oils will be selected for your specific needs. A therapeutic massage to drain pockets of water retention and lymphatic fluid. This treatment is designed to helpstimulate circulation and boost the body’s ability ability to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. Your favourite choice of essential oils may be selected upon arrival.